Write Your Novel in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mysteries

Hello to fans of Harry Potter! It’s for you who are not satisfied with eight seasons of Harry in Wizarding World.

In this game, you become a student at Hogwarts School. Now, it’s not Harry who is the central role. You are supposed to experience all courses, relationships, and journeys.

We could say it’s a story where you are the main character.

How do we do?

If you watched Harry Potter, it’s easier to imagine what you should do in the game.

Choose your identity 

Users create their image by choosing the hairstyle, colors, and name. After the identification is made, they will be on the first feast in Hogwarts where the Sorting hat tell which student goes to which house.

After you know who you are and which house you bias, mysteries start in Hogwarts. They are waiting for our discovery.

Take courses 

To go for adventures, you need spells and statics. How do you know?

As a student in Hogwarts, it’s compulsory to learn potions, spells, and magic in classes. We have all favorite professors here: McGonagall, Snape, ….

Don’t miss any lectures if you want to master your skills.

And of course, anything you learn from Hogwarts will support you a lot in future adventures.

Join in adventures 

There you go into practice.  There are cases such as cursed Vault or student missing that you must investigate.

There are challenges on the way to find out the truth. It’s time to apply all you have learned.
Adventures require bravery and a smart ass. Don’t be scared!

Bond with friends

Like Harry Potter, you have friends and the House that support you in studying and explorations. You should be an excellent student to fight for the House Cup. Besides, be a helpful friend because you will need support at any time.

Are you a great lover of an exciting game? If yes, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mysteries should be one of your top choices.

As its name says, this is your chance to build the dream season with the dream team on the planet. Players need to strengthen their abilities to climb up the champion chart.

Additionally, the visuals and realistic animations from this package capture the true essence of your game. It features different Divisions to work your way through, and over several cup competitions.


This game is free to download. Thus, don’t waste your time in considering. Let move on to the school and start to write a story about your adventures.

Besides, besides essential items for a wizard, the game provides some other things as assistants. Supplementary tools must be purchased by real money.

Final sayings, 

It’s such a great mobile game that all of Harry Potter fans wish. It would be nothing fancier than participating in adventures that Harry once took part in.

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