War Robots – Real Treats for Holiday

War Robot was known as a battle game released by PIXONIC. With beautiful graphics and a wide range of models, this game becomes a real treat at Christmas.

We have no surprise at more than 500 million downloads. And this game newly got updated in 2019 for much more fun.

This battle games need teammates and also rivals.  Your robots are an army. You can play it free, but it also provides for a PREMIUM gaming experience, allowing you to remove advertisements.
Are you ready to conquer the world?

What do we do in Robot War?

What we have

If you are a fan of the battle game, don’t miss War Robots because it’s a blast. Players possess about 45 robot models combined 50 weapons.

The game happens in either city or abandoned land. The team occurs in 6 vs. six at real time, and you will be the leaders in a mighty league. You decide strategies, and you combine robot and weapons in your styles.

Here you go to the war!

What we do

Your job is to lead the team to expand your area in the map. To do so, the team must crush opponents on the way.

The game offers you moderns weapons and newest models for battle robots in different fighting mode.

You are not allowed to approach all of the options in the first fight. But keep trying, your victory gets payback.

Bonus at Lunar New Year?

At Lunar New Year of 2019, Provider offers unique options.

First, we have three more Dragon robots which enhance your team a lot. Coming along with the new robot collection is an exclusive weapon – Dragon Fire that serves only at the holiday.

Besides, users should take advantages of this time to get faster upgraded.

More to know

You must pay for in-app purchase to get War Robots installed. However, the money’s worth for a blast at holidays, we believe. Both Android and iOS devices can install this game, but the newest version needs Android 4.7.

Even it’s the battle game but no killing or thrilling scenes during the fight. All happens among robots. However, we want to warns that it contains violence.

It is a recommendable game online to play for a 10-minute distraction with just its key components: your real challenge and your hub where you can collect cash and purchase improvements to your robots.

The game features great graphics and touches controls. You can easily feel like a true king with a lot of emotions, steep tracks, fans, strong opponents.

Final sayings, 

War Robots is a Christmas present from Google Play so don’t miss it.  It’s a chance when you have an army behind our back, modernized weapons, and a strategy written by yourself.

Besides, there’s no complaint about graphics. What are you waiting for?

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