Robbery Bob – The Man of Steal Does Ninjia

With more than 10 million downloads in Google Play, Robbery Bob proves his popularity. Being the Robbery Bob, we do stealing.

We do Bob- obviously but there's some final job that he must do before retirement. These jobs are enormous and we must be slick.

Among the best games, featuring more team than ever before, over 450 units at the club and international level. With many exciting game modes, improved graphics and full directional control, this is Robbery Bob. Whether you are a seasoned rugby pro or just getting started, you could enjoy the game and show off your skills with intuitive controls.

You could even take part in the many competitions and lead to victory. Playing Man of Steal, we’re sure to go through breathtaking moments, fear and startling. What exactly are we facing to in Robbery Bob?

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What Bob has


Bob is given only one old-fashioned outfit, and that’s from the prison. At first mission, Bob will get some coins depends on what he stole and time of operation.

Bob will have more clothes when he gets enough coins to upgrade.

Special ability 

Bob needs to pay by his coins to gain some unconventional ability. All those are to make better performance during the steal.

What are they?

Bob might be stealth. That’s awesome to a robbery because no one can see him even he appears everywhere.

Bob will sneak in the room making no noise. But, it’s painful to walk on the toes. Therefore, Bob needs stamina upgrade, too. By this ability, Bob can go further and longer and steal more.

Besides, grab-ability and speed also get a promotion if Bob affords.

What Bob Does

Sneak in every spot 

Bob listened to a man who rescued him from the prison and pays for his steal. Context changes from chapter to chapter.

Bob starts to steal from houses in a small village, one by one then move to labs and downtown.
His target is to steam out of this job.

In each spot, Bob visits every corner. For example, he passes by the toilet, ransacks bedroom and checks the living room.

He might sneak over and over to make sure that he took everything.

In those spots, there might be human beings and dogs which guard the place. Bob understand that people can see him so be careful with eyes.

Steal everything 

Bob leaves nothing behind. Do not think of jewelry or expensive accessories only; Bob takes dirty clothes, fork to toilet paper.

 All of those will be converted into coins after Bob finishes the mission.


Robbery Bob is a real man of Steal with professional sneaking. The game has dialogues between characteristics, so you don’t feel bored or clueless.

This Robbery Bob is funny, lively and tricky.

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