Rises of Civilization – A Time Travel to the Past

In the world of Rises of Civilization, there exist eight tribes with 27 heroes. Each player will be given a mission to conquer and pacify the world.

This game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money. If you want to be the top player, you surely should spend a little bit more to purchase its special support features and tools.

You will be the person in charge of the country’s history. There are new lands to explore and your citizens to protect. How good are you?

Let’s the time answer.

What we have 


To enhance reality, the Rises of Civilization provides the only map that shows of battles, boundary and new lands.

To view closer, you can choose to zoom in with the exclusive “infinity zoom” feature. This function allows you to transit from the general view to a particular spot.

However, each civilization stays in a boundary that’s marked by natural terrains. Therefore, stepping on the other territory needs the owner’s permit.


Your civilization is your citizen, your army and your people. The tribe is given a land and bonus specific culture and benefits.

Tribes are named after history. However, now you are re-write their history of the building and protecting the country.


Like the setting of the world, you won’t fight alone. The map shows you which countries will help you in conquer.

On the screen, there’s a chatbot where the alliance can exchange opinions about military strategies, mission, and roles.

We evaluate Rises of Civilization as an excellent chance to practice teamwork.

What we do

This amazing game would keep you occupied for a considerable amount of time. It is fun, easy to learn and has a simple game system with tight, simplistic controls. The goal here is to hit as many points as possible.


Battles in the Rises of Civilization occur in real time.

The map records everything happening, and you never know when the war breaks out. At any time, enemies randomly attack at the back yard, or your league gets trouble.

On the other hand, you have an army and troops ready to burst out at any time. And your mind is full of military strategies.


As said in the beginning, this game includes mysterious lands that call for exploration. Abandoned lands on the map might be spots of treasure, sources of a new army.

By fighting, you know the enemies better. Defense is good but better prepare yourself for conflicts and invasion.


Each clan gathers in specific land and protect their territory. However, the game asks you to do more than defense.

To make the Rises of Civilization, invade other lands. There's an abandoned area that you do not need much of fighting. On the other hand, you can invade the enemies’ space through clash.


Both Android and iOS can download Rises of Civilization from Google play.  This game's worth playing to practice teamwork, strategies in conquering.

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