Raise your Dragon in Dragon Mania Legends

Mania Legends is actually a city-building window phone game version where the players can rebuild the kingdom of Dragonlandia. This is where you will breed dragons and combat with other neighboring Vikings and dragons. And those combat results depend on your dragons fighting against the Vikings.

Great guidance as you play

Feel free to use your low-memory window for the Vikings and even the window phones. There’s one thing certain with Dragon Mania Legends: it will offer you full of guidance when you play. In detail, a great number of characters can direct you through different tasks involved within the game play.

They help you further to change the combat results and breed the dragons for the purpose of setting up new buildings in the city. Besides, many brand new missions and tasks turn available once you play Dragon Mania Legends. If you want to check the task list, press the control button in the left corner of the city view.

Those new tasks tend to own one exclamation mark shining next to the icon. These will consist of battling Vikings or setting up kingdom structures and more. Besides, each successful completion of a duty will reward you a great number of items. These include gems, gold and even food.

Join the intense dragon fights 

Most of the battles are all turned-based in which your dragons need to fight against the other dragons of the Viking enemy. The combat usually involves three of the dragons of your own and right before the fight, it’s possible to select which dragons will initiate the battle.

Feel free to get into the battles by only accepting your new missions after pressing the task button or just wander around the islands to get a fight. The combat will be scored from 1 to 3 stars and they can be even replayed if you desire to improve your whole scoring.

Manage your own kingdom

We all know that dragon battles are a big draw to this game, but you should never forget about maintaining and managing the kingdom. Besides, you must ensure the farms to be well-maintained so that a great supply of food can be kept on hand to make the dragons level up easily.

Note that most of the structures need to get upgraded to boost the productivity or contain more dragons. Once not joining in the fights, you can spend time training your dragons with target practice or do it at the Dragon Academy as well as gained a few scrolls through the combats.

Final sayings,

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