Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game Review

Feel the Minion rush now with this fan-favorite runner game genre, especially when it’s based on the hit movie Despicable Me 2. Now it’s your turn to join the race and take on fascinating missions all over the world. Not just that, you can also unlock a big collection of cool costumes for your Minion.

An endless runner game based on the film series

The game is the best for fans of the game, especially when Minion Rush: Despicable Me succeeds in capturing some of the silly and humorous moments from the Minions. Therefore, you might find it a bit familiar when playing the game franchise.

But better than that, there are a lot of fascinating twists on the camera angles you might love to experience.

Besides, you’ll have a chance to run with your beloved Minion Dave and then race through the most interesting and fast-paced missions. Once gaining more Costume cards, it means that you can unlock more running Minions, including Jerry, Carl, and Mel.

Run for your glory and life 

Minions can’t be the quickest thinkers for sure in the game, but they’re certainly the fastest on their feet. And you will trust it once taking control of one of those minions and have any of them pass a trail through the twisted planet of Despicable Me. Let’s consider how far you can race within a course.

And guess what? It won’t be ever enough that you need to outrun the minions on the track. Don’t worry because Gru and his fellows own a great abundance of tasks they like you to complete. Doing this won’t give you more goodies for sure. Here are some tips for you:

  • Accept tasks from Gru, three girls, and Doctor Nefario.
  • Race in a distance before crashing.
  • Gain a minimum number of bananas in your run.
  • Roll under some obstacles in one single run.

Power Minions Up  

Your fellow Minions are all capable of doing all kinds of crazy stuff with their short and hairy arms or legs. But you still can unlock their power and abilities. To do that, it’s recommended to equip them with all types of fierce weapons and gizmos. Use them smartly and ensure the Minion of the Year award more facile to achieve.

Fascinating locations 

Let’s trail through the most stunning 3D game surroundings that are inspired by some certain spots from the popular Despicable Me franchise. Here’s your chance to feel the rush when the Minions start to pass through quickly the Anti-Villian League, Bratt’s Lair, and more.

All in all,

Minion Rush features the greatest features from all 30 teams and the new motion system, promise to deliver the best gameplay experience possible. And you will soon be impressed by this. The new motion system dynamically creates animations to deliver the best gameplay experience possible. Let’s try it out!

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