Metal Soldiers 2 – Battle Game in Style

If you are fans of Mental Soldiers, we would recommend the upgraded version- Metal Soldiers 2. In the new game, you are given new missions.

It is a game online free in which you can build and manage your own team. Your squad building will reach a higher level by practicing different strategies. In the case that you love smart games, it may assist you in diagnosing your logical thinking way in a different perspective.

It would never be out of fun running and shooting in mind-blowing battles


Multiple characters

There are some options available for characters. Each of them presents different strengths and weaknesses. Thus, we guess people have more to choose their favorite soldiers.

It features the updating daily all stories and matches happening around the globe, which is all you need for quick, fun, turn-based games. With more than 650 teams, and 17,000 players, Metal Soldiers 2 will give you the most authentic experience available on-the-go.

Choosing a suitable character helps players in maximizing strategy’s outcome.

Classic weapons

This game comes with classic weapons in wartime. We can see in the trailer some examples: riffles, tanks, bombs, and firearms.
The graphic appears as classic as the theme. Background recalls destroyed cities and old facilities.

An army of enemies 

If other battle games focus on a big boss and few fellows, Mental Soldiers have to deal with an army of enemies.

We know you like it.

Now, let your bullets out of the gun as much as you can. It’s such a good way to relax. This game asks for no complicated strategies or plot. Shooting and bombing happen in the hustle and bustle. Soldiers can fight with an empty mind.

Realistic battlefield 

The battlefield is designed responding to the real background. Buildings collapsed, and walls go broken.

Even the traffic signs appear crooked on the street.

Besides, they inserted tanks and helicopter on the screen so that players can refer to real fights.
Are you go crazy about this graphic like more than ten mil app users are?


As a mobile game, there are still disadvantages. Here below we sorted from comments by users, Mental Soldiers 2 need some improvements.


It is said that too much advertising before the game. Players cannot start the battle without watching for a while.

Furthermore, users cannot turn off the ads. It’s really annoying if people are on the way to level up.


The game sometimes happens errors in levels. This malfunction stops people from moving on to the next level. Most situations are solved after replaying, but it’s still an inconvenience.

Wrapping up

This game consists of 50 levels, and many users have finished the whole journey. They are eager to play Mental Soldier 3.

Setting aside some annoyance at add-on TVCs and system errors, Mental Soldier 2 is worth your time.

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