League of Stickman Free – Shadow Legends

Stickman games have become a popular type of game across the board in all android app market. Start from a simple graphic and game play, this type of game has been through many upgrade and League of Stickman Free – Shadow Legends is another great version of this game.

It gives you an incredible game and features different modes which are available both for single players and multiple players. Customizable characters, lots of stadium to play on, all together will bring you one of the greatest sports online games to play free.

What is League of Stickman Free – Shadow Legends?

Follow the same vibe of non-stop action, this version of stickman has improved a lot. You have a better graphic with decorated and armed characters. The action is smooth and many combos make the fight more stunning and eye catching.

You get four characters to choose before start. That’s an excellent point. You might get bored at some point of the game. But to have another character to try, it will refresh the game and make you want to play more.

The first character is Blade Warrior with a huge sword and kind of muscle to dominate other foes. The yellow scheme is really spot on too. Next character is an archer with a freeze bow. Following by blue theme and skinny shape, this character looks like she is fast (I guess this is a girl). The third one is like a kungfu boy but the game called him a Jungler Hero. He focuses on hand-combat and this is my favorite character. The red theme is cooler in my opinion. Last one is another swordman with green theme and different skills from the first one.

You play to earn exp and use them to upgrade your character, from the skills to the look. This kind of developing character is always my dream games.

Moreover, you can play with your friends in double fighting mode. Two is always better than one, right?

And the best part of this game is you can play it everywhere, with or without wifi. How cool is that?

Great features

  • Amazing graphic
  • Awesome game play and easy to control
  • Cool characters to develop and choose
  • Two players mode
  • Non-wifi playable
  • Good music and sound

Why you should try this game?

Among many non-stop action games, there are not many games have a good balance of graphic and game play. There are still some glitch inside the game but with all of the great features above, this game is deserved a try and I believe you are no regret about this.


Stickman game has come out pretty often but they are making it better and better. With this progress, I hope to have more and better action game like League of Stickman Free – Shadow Legends.

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