Have you ever tried Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival?

Do you love wandering around the island and dodging the invisible wall that becomes progressively smaller? Try it in Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival! It’s not only the best game in its genre (shooting) but also popular for its high-quality settings.

Now that you have realized how important games are in our learning. Why don’t you play with at least one of our long list of wonderful games in your free time?

A free-to-play shooting game offers rounds for 121 players

This title was officially launched on Android from the start of 2018 with a familiar yet interesting gameplay. It’s all about defeating everyone while you’re wandering around a large island.

More than that, there are 121 players parchute to a hopeless island, and what you can trust now are your fellows, your own strategies and weapons in hands! With amazing strategies, intense execution and a little of luck, the victory will easily come to you. Make sure to move on to the last safe zone, encounter the enemies, and fight for the greatest glory!

Unique battlefield with updated new vehicles 

Throughout the game, there are different Asian style buildings that can be seen in Hopeless Land. You can easily look for the most sensible and coolest battleground around here.

Don’t waste your time but get your survival travel started! What makes this game special as compared to other mobile shooting gameplay, and you can drive a helicopter. Its carrier has an intense function that can help you catch the enemies or evacuate from the battle if you want. In other words, you can experience a real air-to-land attack in the game.

Easy-to-control game on a low device requirement

Do not worry when you don’t have a smartphone with great specifications since Hopeless Land merely requires the low device requirement. The great part about it is that its controls are quite easy to use so everyone can begin and boost up themselves very fast. The game is now available for Android system.

When it comes to gameplay, the Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival delivers the same fascinating experience that this shooting game is famous for. The game will drop all players onto the island and the sole goal here is to become the final one standing. To do this, you must collect weapons, search for cover, defeat the enemies and do other things to be the last one standing here.


It’s possible to say that the whole gameplay is quite fierce since no part of the map is safe and you can come across a fight almost anywhere. Thus, you need to be on your guard all the times, if not, you will end up losing your life.

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