Everything You Should Not Miss out of PIXEL'S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a cool battle royale inspired game in which you need to try and the final person. You’re going to dive out of the airplane and need to seek an appropriate landing site on the map.

It’s possible to try and look for weapons as well as supplies so that you will be able to survive and then fight your enemies.

Cool-looking military blocky pixel game 

Do you always feel intoxicated about pixel games, and if having a chance, don’t miss Pixel’s Unkown Battle Ground where you’re about to join a crazy pixel arena in a block city! How to survive after apocalypse and become the LAST survivor? First, jump right out of your helicopter before landing on the dead area.

Next, look for the best loot and defeat the enemies. But be more careful about the shrinking zone since it can cause remarkable damage! And come to shoot with AK, pixel weapon, multiple-barrel and other amazing weapons.

Create your own pixel story 

You need to fight for the end of the deathmatch in a 3D shooter, and remember that: there’s no need to spend 7 days to die! It means that you can be also killed in one minute only in the pixel games! This is because it can become your last day on the earth, and please be more careful with the dead zone since it can move fast and even eat you up.

A clone of PUBG with pixel style graphics 

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a particular clone of PUBG, for sure. It utilizes pixel style graphics but nearly every mechanic plus control are all the same as other shooting battle royale game genres.

Come to drop in and get to find necessary stuff as well as kill the other players to be the last and the longest survivor! There are a lot of cool features in the game to experience, from auto shooting, in-game chat to lower graphics setting if you use the lower-end phones.

Honestly, if you want to go for something like this, then you would love to go with the Pixel Unknown Battle Ground itself. It’s just better than most of the other PUBG clones on Google Play. Within the game, you’ll receive a multiplayer experience as well, which is interesting to play.

Keep yourself protected at all times 

As the story goes, the game will begin with having the player jump out of the helicopter and drop in a war-ravaged region loaded with broken buildings. There are a lot of destroyed vehicles on your way along with loot to pick up. Ensure to get around and put the loot to good use.

Keep yourself protected by finding various weapons and proper pieces of armor to equip yourself.

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