Dragon City - A Place To Help You Satisfy Your Passion For Dragons

Dragon City focuses on rearing and training dragons. It appeals to millions of players all over the world, feasting your eye on realistic graphics and different game modes to prove your skills. It features several rounds set to advance your ability.

The attractions of Dragon City include improvement on features and additions of many dragon types. Graphics are always upgraded to bring players the most voyeuristic experience.

What Will You Do When Playing This Game?

Players will gradually build the dragon city of their dreams, and once successfully created a dragon, you will continue to breed with other dragons from which to establish a legendary dragon zone according to your wishes.

Dragon City has many different types of dragons for players to nurture and choose to participate in battle such as Venom Dragon, Mirror Dragon, Crystal Dragon.

Besides, you can also create new dragons yourself. Each dragon has specific habitats, only when it is suitable to their environment do they promote their strength.

Is The Whole Game Just Raising Dragons?

The answer is NO!
Apart from nurturing dragons, players must train them and make them become warriors. Then, they can fight rival dragons. Each dragon type has specifically different powers to suit different battles.

And every dragon will match the tactics given by the gamers. The righter strategy is, the higher the chance of winning the opponent will be.

Also, there is a hidden difficulty mode waiting for the most professional ones. Only the ones to complete the highest level of difficulty can get a chance to experience this hidden mode.

How About The Graphics?

Before downloading a game, many people often wonder about its graphics. And we believe Dragon City can satisfy anyone.

Dragon City is created with graphic images of sharp and funny 3D dragons. Besides, you will be stunned by the superb scenery of mountains and vibrant colors.

The city which you will bring up the brave dragons by your own hands is on a high foggy mountain. The beautiful scenery will make you love it right from the moment you step into the game.

Can You Become A Talented Dragon Breeder?

The combination of the fire dragon, natural, fighting or legend, and many other fighting dragons have created a new dragon, helping you expand the collection of dragon warriors. You can also earn rare dragons through in-game events.

Some of outstanding characteristics of this games are as follow:

  • Easy to use interface;
  • Easy to play, addictive;
  • No third party advertising;
  • 100% free full-featured download.

Final sayings,

Don't forget to combine strength and other powerful dragon fighters to form alliances! Hope you guys will soon become a die-hard fan of this game!

We wish Dragon City will give you a nice break from the monotonous life. And guess what, they are one of the best games rated!

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