All About Racing in Car 2 You Should Know

Forget about the 3rd-person driving perspective you played before! I bet that you’re intoxicated with this free 1st-person driving experience in Racing in Car 2 at your first try.

And more than that, the game owns a lot more fascinating features waiting to be explored, so why do you have to wait? Let’s scroll down to learn more about them:

Free 1st-person driving experience 

It’s perfect for those who are already sick of the dull racing games with the 3rd-person perspective. Racing in Car allows you to gain all of the best views that only real-life drivers can really see. They’re all through the windows, right in the hands and your steering wheel.

For real, it’s truly a brand new playing perspective as it comes to driving and racing game genres.

What makes Racing in Car 2 much more addictive and different from other games is its special game mode. When you have become a professional player, you might want to compete against other players. And this game can absolutely make them satisfied. However, make sure that they have Internet access.

Experience a higher level of realism 

No doubt, Racing in Car is the best mobile racing game you’ve ever played. Feel it all when you get to control your car in cockpit view through the hectic traffic and the real-looking surroundings.

Never hesitate to tilt the tool to drag your car to everywhere else you like, pass through the traffic, earn more coins to get new and upgraded cars.

Speed is another highlight you can’t miss within this mobile driving game. But do not misunderstand it because you can’t use speed to race. Instead of that, use speed to create overtaking and making your experience more challenging.

Keep moving ahead, overcome the obstacles and get more money to buy newer and faster supercars. In this case, don’t worry since there are some in-app purchases allowing you to purchase cars easily.

It’s not for fresh racers! 

At first, you might be hoping to learn how to drive with the use of this app, and then you would become disappointed since it’s merely space and gaming-driver simulator. Aside from its amazing graphics and aesthetics, the game won’t be 100% the same as your real-life driving.

However, once you desire a facile and interesting game to kill time, then Racing in Car 2 would be the best option for you. Besides, it also doesn’t offer you too much incentive to get coins and earn faster cars.

Anyway, the real fun here is that you have to try hard to overtake and dodge traffic while racing faster and faster.

As compared with the graphics from Racing in Car 1, this version has better graphics, which are great enough for fans of the franchise.


Playing this amazing game with other online players, without doubt, makes it a fast and furious game. A large number of up to over 6,000 random interlocking shape ways within the special Mode of Racing in Car 2 are enough to keep things appealing. Let’s try it out!

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