The Gaming Masterpiece Is Adapted From The World-wide Comic: LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise

LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise is an attractive and completely free adventure game for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Let’s Try LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise and you will have chances to play the role of the Lego guys who travel through many lands on the car and build many new buildings.

The game description

The game was inspired by the world-wide favorite comic. This is a journey of searching and being created from beautiful little screws and large lego pieces. This lego game is suitable for children aged 4-7 years.

It consists of many journeys that require children to control the racing character, collect lego nails and assemble the parts together to create hidden objects.

You can travel to colorful 3D lands to find coins and unlock virtual LEGO blocks and assemble them by simple touches on the screen. Lego games will provide many models from real Lego sets.

The game is simply designed, does not require children to read / write and they can play and control the game completely. Therefore, children can learn and explore without the help of their parents.

What is more? The game stimulates children's creativity, enables them to freely do what they like and discover new technology in a healthy way, helping them learn and play at the same time.

In addition, the game does not contain advertisements from third parties and does not contain links to other websites.

Main features in the game LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise

  • The game is completely free, does not contain purchases with real money. Just download once is able to use all the free features, without being locked and bought with real money
  • Many new levels with beautiful background scenes
  • New templates - many new buildings and new ways to play. Children can play with aircraft or large trucks
  • Collect small lego pieces and many creative vehicles in order to mix and match - the more you play, the more unlocked
  • Bright, fun and friendly animation graphics with funny background music
  • Virtual buildings are built from Lego blocks
  • No 3rd party ads
  • There is no links to other websites
In general, LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise is not only fun and stimulates children's intelligence and creativity but also a great means of entertainment suitable for all ages. The game is an extremely hot app on Google Play and won the hearts of many players. Let's experience great features right now.

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