Temple Run 2 – An endless adventure within a game

If you fall in love with Temple Run, the second version of the game will be another great choice. Over one billion players in the world have been playing the game recently. Let’s join the community and get so much fun.

The new sequel brings more exciting experiences

The game derives from Temple Run – the adventure game title from Imangi Studio. The original version app has reached over 170 million downloads in recent years. Keep going from the success, Temple Run 2 has attracted players by the main theme of its predecessor but with more than that.
Within its opening 13 days on sale, the game has got approximately 50 million downloads. The main reason comes from the much-anticipated sequel. In the game, the player will explore more maps than before. More than that, the music and environments of the second version are more lively and vibrant.

The landscape of the game has been improved significantly. The rough terrain of the original one is replaced with curved roads and hills. Plus, we have waterfalls as well as other scenic additions which appear periodically. On the whole, the whole environment of Temple Run 2 brings the more realistic feel to players than its predecessor.

Interesting maps of Temple run 2

The maps in Temple Run 2 will reveal continuously as the player keeps the character going further. All the maps on the game are Frozen Shadows, Blazing Sands, Lost Jungle, and Pirate Cove.

Moreover, there are more maps appearing in the gameplay when the player plays on special occasions. Those maps could be played in limited time since they are for special events. Therefore, if you like the map, you should try to play more frequently on those days or you will regret after.

From the first released day, there have been five special maps available. We can name those maps like Christmas, Valentine’s Special, St. Patrick’s, Easter, 4th of July, and Halloween.

The thrilling game for all age

The game has a great number of download also thanks to the easy gameplay. The mission of a player is to keep the character out of a monster which is a temple keeper.

On the whole, Temple Run 2 has done a good job at entertaining the player all around the world. It deserves to become one of the most games getting the highest downloading times in Google Play and Apple store.

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