Tank stars – A great game to have fun

Are you an arcade game lover? This tank game will be a must-try one for you. Let’s choose your own tank and fight for pride.

A dynamic game for every age

First of all, this game is a turn-based competitive tank game. When opening the app, players have to use their targeting skills to fight against other players or AI opponents.

To control the tank, you just need to use your fingers to select proper weapons and shooting angles. Be careful, when in gameplay, the player just has a limited fuel ration within a turn. Therefore, try to defeat your opponents within correct attacking attempts.

In terms of getting an effective way to combat other opponents, players need to take time to get used to the game. There are many weapon options in a row, which requires you have to know clearly the behavior of each of them. Besides, it is extremely important to understand how to solidly target another player’s tank.

There are many options for tanks as well as weapons. By winning the battle, players will receive money so as to upgrade more powerful tank. Moreover, currency is also given when you complete missions.

The graphic design of the game makes us remind of the 80’s tank games. Since its colorful cartoon style is just in simple colors, the game swipes away the worry about realistic graphics or violence. Therefore, that tank game is suitable not only for adults but also for young children.

Getting fun with your friends

The game is a wonderful option for a group of players at the same time. The app-builder creates a function which helps real players to join in a battle locally in a device or via the Internet.

The app is available in iOS as well as Android platform. It brings chances for every player who has different devices can join the game together. In addition, Tank stars game is free to download on Google Play or App store.

It is a simple but dynamic tank game for your free time. Indeed, the game brings players together during attracting gameplay. Sit back and combat other tanks via the Internet or just within a smart device at home.

In short, it is impossible to tell you can survive gameplay or not. Let’s show your opponents your skills and become a winner. Try to win the battle and you get a lot of surprising rewards.

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