Stick War Legacy: Lead your sticks to victory

Meta: Looking for a fun, relaxing game, while also giving yourself a challenge? Then Stick War: Legacy is the right game for you.
Stick War: Legacy is a game developed and published by Max Games Studios, bringing the most famous web games of all time to your mobile. It’s a side scrolling strategy game where you will manage your resources and lead your unit to conquer the enemies’ territories.

Story and Graphic

The story of Stick War: Legacy revolves around the world of Inamorta. In that world there are several unique countries that focus on their arsenal. And their aim is to expand their territories into the neighbors by means of war. These countries are Archidones, Swordwrath, Magikill and Speartons, each country has its unique type of army and weapons.

Your role in the game is to lead Order, your own kingdom in a preemptive strike against the hostile nations. Along the way, you will acquire the art of war and new technology of each country you conquered, and use them to fight against the next.

The graphic design is easy to look at, very entertaining and easy to track, with the player’s statue on the left side of the screen and your objective is on the right. Your unit and resources will be displayed on top so that you will manage your army much more easier.


Stick War: Legacy has a rather short campaign, with, 4 countries to conquer and 3 different difficulties (Easy, Medium and Hard). But it do feature tournament mode, where players will test their strategies against each other for the top spot on the leaderboard. There are also many achievement to claims and intensive game guide to help you understand about your unis.

Calling units to the field to destroy enemies’ statue will cost gold, and you will use your miner unit to get them, you can also get gold from the stockpiles near your tower. Use those gold to summon swordsman, archers and other technologies from defeated countries to push down their structure.

Each unit has their own cost, recruit timer, strength and weakness so it is important to work out your strategy before the fight. Active oriented players can also pick one individual unit and manually control them. Therefore, they have something to do rather than just watching the battle.

Stick War: Legacy is a great game for players that prefer strategies, commanding an army, claiming achievement. So, if you’re into the kind of an entertaining battlefield, we suggest that you give this game a try!

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