Rise of the Kings: A great time killer and easy to play

Now, here we are in 2019, and one of the top must-play action strategy game is Rise of the kings.
Recently, action strategy game is an all-time favorite online game of many young people, such as league of legends, PUBG … So what does Rise of the kings offer you, let check it out!


Rise of the Kings, a real time game based on war strategy, officially released on the 29 June, 2016. Now, this game has been downloaded more than 5,000,000 times and was rated 4.3 star on Google play.

When play this game you can feel like you are in a movie of wars, lords and kings. A lord will have many soldiers who he leads to fights in the time of battle. Many Lords will accept the challenge, but only one will rise and become King. The King's mission in this game is to take hold of the throne they've been fighting for and destroy all obstacles on his way.

Essentially, to play this Rise of the Kings game your phones need to have at least 4.0.3 version of android.

If you don’t have any experience in playing action strategy game, don’t worry because in this game we have the who helps the player know what he should do and also reduce a bit confusion within the player .

To take hold of your army and battling with your enemies, you need to have some unique skills weapons and ammunitions. But to have those things you'll need to meet one of the game requirement before you unlock one skill. Requirements with increasing difficulty make the game more interesting and challenging.

Some of the name of Rise of the Kings game weapons and ammunitions are: heavy crossbow dragon blade, long sword, apprentice blade, heavy axe, short bow, long spear, longbow, and battle axe …


Graphics of this Rise of the Kings game are above average. The design of character and scenery is quite good. But some time you can’t determine who enemies are and who the fighters are because the outfit of them look like the same.

The sound is a commendable point of this Rise of the Kings game, when the about to start, the music does well by keeping the sound very low so that you can focus on the fighting of the game, and that was really a nice one. In addition, the background music is really vivid, it helps us feel like we are in a real battle.

Finally, Rise of the kings is nice game to play and to kill your time. It’s not a really great competitive game but it is easy to play and challenging enough to help you reduce the stress.

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