Plants vs Zombies: The High-end Strategy Game

There are so many games for entertainment but you don't know what game to play? Many games are so simple and boring that you are not satisfied? Do not worry. Plants vs Zombies is the top strategy game for you.

Overview of The Game:

Plants vs Zombies which was developed by PopCap Games is a video game in the form of tower defense. The game is set in a city attacked by zombies and these zombies have reached the house and eat the host's brain. Players will play the role of a host and use different special plants to prevent the zombie army from entering and "eating your brain".

In-game Features:

1. Adventure Mode: There are 50 games, including 5 scenarios

- Daytime (The easiest scenario)

- At night (The tombstone appeared so that Zombies can crawl unexpectedly. Also, the sunflowers produce less sun and players mostly use mushrooms with sun at night).

- Daytime swimming pool (In the daytime there is an additional pool in the middle, Zombie can swim or dive in the pool).

- Night swimming pool (Background at night and plus the appearance of the fog).

- The roof (Extremely special context when the zombies are about to land on the roof of the house.
In each scenario, there are 10 levels. In 10 games, there are 2 special games, the 5th and the 10th.

2. Puzzle Mode:

This is an interesting game mode, including beating the vases and setting the zombies to break the plants (including 20 sets), similar to Mini-games mode but the game only has 18 trophies.

3. Mini-Games Mode:

It consists of 20 sets of games and is opened in the middle of the 3-2 game of Adventure mode. If you win one of those sets, you will be awarded a trophy. In this mode, there are locked game sets and if you want to unlock it, the cup must be won.

4. Survival Mode:

An attractive game mode consists of 5 easy game sets and 5 more difficult games (with different backgrounds), especially extremely interesting Endless games.

5. Zen Garden Mode:

Players will plant trees to get money. You can get plants when playing and buying in Crazy Dave's Shop.

In brief, Plants and Zombies is a tactical game and requires high calculation skills of players. Besides, the game has beautiful graphics and vivid sounds, so it will definitely meet your demand. Enjoy it and share your thoughts with us!

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