Magic twist: Twister music ball game is not just a tapping game

This game is definitely great for everyone who wants to relax after a hard-working day. Players can play the game and listen to music at the same time.

Addictive music within the game

The game includes a lot of great music songs which will satisfy any music lovers. It is, for sure, a must-try game among tapping game with amazing music songs.

It is impressive that we have a lot of addictive songs in a tapping game like Magic twist: Twister music ball game. In gameplay, players’ mission is to keep the ball from falling down and collect germs. In addition, when collecting enough germs, the player has a chance to unlock various hot songs.

Trying not to fall down

The way to play the game is surprisingly simple. Players need to keep a ball jump over twisty titles by tapping on the screen. The easy controlling way and amazing music make Magic twist: Twister music ball game is not just a tapping game.

Keep tapping and you will get a higher score. Besides, try your best to archive combo. This is a great way to raise your score within a short time.

If you love playing Piano titles, you definitely love this game, too. Indeed, the way the twister twists titles make the game even more interesting.

Great graphics

Vibrant colors are the factor make the game really eye-catching. When operating the app, you will never get bored with those colorful titles and background.

The other plus point of the game comes from the smooth running. It surprises players with amazing control ever. Quick motions of the fingertips will not be a matter with the game. Therefore, the player has a fully relaxing time without being angry with lagging problems.

It is time to challenge your friends

Playing a game alone is not fun at all, right? Therefore, you need to challenge your friends and find who can get the highest score.

With the game, it is easy to invite and keep track of your friends’ score. Let’s try your best and let them know your skills. Take time to relax as well as have fun with other players.

On the whole, Magic twist game will not let you down indeed. Let’s open your device, keep the ball run and feel the beat. It is simple but addictive for everyone.

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