Lep’s world 2: A Leprechaun as Mario ?

Meta: nerByte, the developer and publisher has collected all the feedbacks and most interesting idea to develop the sequel: Lep’s World 2.

Lep’s World 2 is the 2D side scroller adventure game, similar to the famous game Super Mario. It is one of successful game Lep’s World with more than 250 million downloads. This time it has more levels, enemies, items and better sound and graphic quality compared to Lep’s World 1.

Story and Graphic

In the game, you play as a leprechaun named Lep, on an sunny delightful day. Lep was hanging out with his friends at the Leprechaun village. Next, the sky suddenly turned dark, lightning came with an evil wizard, who then stole all the village’s gold and kidnapped all of the villager.
Therefore, he can combine his magic with that of the Leprechaun to rule the world. Lep’s luckily escaped and now he is on an adventure to save his friends and family and stop the evil wizard from destroying the world.
The image quality of Lep’s World 2 is a clearly upgrade from the prequel Lep’s World. nerByte has imposed more physical interactions with between Lep and the environment.
It also makes the control much more responsive and smooth, with the movement keys on the left side of the screen and jumping and interacting on the right side. By this way, it is very easy for players to control Lep while still seeing the full view of the map.

Gameplay and features

In Lep’s World 2, Lep will work his way through different worlds to get to the wizard. Along the way, he will defeat many bosses and acquire new skills and use them to fight against the next. The gameplay feel similar to that of Mario.

There is only 1 way to go from start to end. You have to step into the rainbow to get the next level. You will also get to checkpoints along the way so that you can revive there after you die. Then, you don’t have to restart the whole level.

Some new features of this game:

  • Better gameplay, image and sound quality
  • 12 worlds with 96 levels
  • 10 items and abilities
  • 13 new bosses
Lep’s World 2 is a great game for players that want to enjoy quick, fun games while still having the action elements. You can play this game on the bus, or while waiting in line,…We highly recommend you give this game a try!

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