Jetpack joyride - The game has changed many rankings

Although Jetpack Joyride was released for a time, it is still considered the king of the "endless running" genre. This position is probably very solid.

About Jetpack Joyride

The Endless Running games are always fertile ground for game inventors to fully exploit. Therefore, a series of such game genres was born, still leading in revenue and the number of downloads.

On the other hand, the character who comes to play has a bit of a change to refresh this large piece of land. Halfbrick – the game maker, which is famous for Ninja Fruit also blends into the race of Endless Running with Jetpack Joyride.

Overall, the way to play Jetpack Joyride is not much different from the Endless Runnning games. The task of the player is just to avoid obstacles and collect coins and items for themselves. However, Jetpack Joyride has a character and method of play that is completely different from the same content games.

Story of the game

On the way back to the company, holding down the sales report for the month, Barry felt life was bad and there was no other goal. Then accidentally passing a secret lab that was making scientific products with evil intentions, Barry decided to steal that research and use it for good. Barry's life goal starts here with the task of stealing that secret weapon.

Of course, everything is not simply like that. Barry could not easily steal that weapon and escape the lap. Your mission is to help Barry escape the place and do not forget to collect items because the road is very long.

Collect gold coins, upgraded items

Unlike other Running Endless games, gold coins in Jetpack Joyride are quite a lot. But it is not easy to get them all because you will have to fly, not run like many other games. So this new game requires you to have ingenuity and calculate the exact flight to be able to collect as much coins as possible.

A wide range of weapons, double power

Upon entering Jetpack Joyride, the character will be equipped with Machine Gun, as the main tool to collect gold and fly in the game. In addition to strengthening the Barry character, the game also provides some other unique weapons like: Lil ’Stomper, Profit Bird, Crazy Freaking Telepoter. They will take turns appearing in the player's path, so make the most of those weapons.

Free Jetpack Joyride on the computer as well as phone will give players a new space experiment. Players will own the most powerful scientific weapons and participate in the Barry guy's escape journey.

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