Immerse yourself in melodies with Piano Titles 2

With 900 million global players, Piano Tiles 2 ™ has upgraded and attracted a huge number of players around the world for the past 3 years.

Good points of this game

Basically, it's always about avoiding white tiles and touching black tiles. The only real change in the game experience is that there are new long stones where you have to press your finger and hold it to the end. It sounds as natural and intuitive as anything that has anything to do with Piano Tiles and is a welcome addition to Piano Tiles 2. Apart from that, the game runs just like the original piano tiles, but feels a lot better. It has a lot to do with music. Instead of playing with simple keys, Piano Tiles 2 gives you full music. It's the difference between a five-year-old kid trying to learn the piano himself and a private Glenn Gould concert.

The game was also changed visually. Gone are the days of grid-based gameplay and boring menus. The experience is still very low, but the design choices this time changed the look of the game, whether amateur or professional.

Features of the game

Wallpaper is very simple, very easy to play, anyone can play piano title. It has extremely fast speed, always challenge your finger speed! The best challenge, full of emotion!

This game always provides music, the combination of creative, classical, and instrumental music. There are many different styles met your needs. Let’s play with friends, line up the world!

The quality of music is very good, like being in the piano playing hall. It also saves Facebook data, actually, share data from different devices. Many challenges, many gifts.

Some small disadvantage aspects

There were some compromises in the design of the original game, which can be considered negative depending on what you see. The different (though ultimately useless) modes of the original piano tiles have disappeared. Piano Tiles 2 offers only one style of play, although it's a kind of mix of fashion: you're in charge of finishing a song and when you're done, choose "Endless" to keep it going.

Piano Title 2 is a great music game for people of all ages. You can play this game with your child, your parents or your friends and you can also challenge many people around the world to make yourself excited.

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