How far can you go in Subway Princess Runner?

Surely every gamers are familiar with the genre of running and avoiding obstacles type of game, Subway Princess Runner is one of the most unique games of the genre.

Subway Princess Runner is released by Ivy, the same publisher that is known for some famous titles like Real Racing 3D, Galaxy Shooting or Jewel Crush. This game had drawn a lot of attention with more than 50 million downloads.

There is no doubt that this game has some very unique and interesting features. And it is no doubt that people will have an enjoyable time playing it.

Gameplay overview

Run as fast as you can in Subway Princess Runner, help your princess to run away on an adventure, rescue her prince, collecting coins. Meanwhile, you have to avoid obstacles to get additional rewards along the way.

In this endless running game, you will explore many areas of the princess world, run as long as possible. Also, try to avoid many obstacles along the way, collect coins and gifts to receive many amazing rewards and unlock achievements.

The controls in the game are very simple: swipe up, down, left, right to jump, duck and change lanes. Let’s use these controls to help you get past obstacles, you can also tap twice to get a free collision pass with an obstacle.

In Subway Princess Runner, you will also find boosters along the run that help you run much further and easier. It may be a magnet to automatically collect coins, super boots that makes you jump higher, or even a jetpack, utilize all of the, to get higher score and share it with your friends.

As many coins and points collected you can also purchase new favorite characters with different abilities.

Some outstanding features of the game

  • Many characters with different running styles to choose from
  • Smooth controls and easy to play
  • Many different maps and scenes
  • Free to play game
  • Upgrade your characters to get endless power
  • Amazing sound quality and catchy background music
  • 3D graphic and colorful gameplay
  • Many challenging achievements and live leaderboard
  • Unlimited surprise every day
Subway Princess Runner is the top 6 most popular free to play game on the Play Store. It’s a unique, interesting game that will sure to give you an enjoyable time playing. If you like fast-paced running games, we suggest you give this game a try!

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