Hill Climb Racing: Mindless, no-rule game for speed lovers

Hill Climb Racing, developed and published by Fingersoft, is currently holding the number 1 spot of most popular free to play games on the Play Store with more than 500 million downloads.

Hill Climb Racing is reviewed as one of the most interesting and addicting racing game because of its simple concept yet crazy fun gameplay.

Gameplay overview

In Hill Climb Racing, you will be playing as Newton Bill, a young racer with a rather unique interest. He want to drive to places where no car has ever went through before, such as mountains or caves,… Newton will never stop until he conquers the highest peak on the moon.

What makes this game so crazy fun and addictive is that it appears there are no laws of physics applied in this game. There is a strange coincidence as you played as a man called “Newton”, the same man who discovered the law of gravity.

You will be amazed of how unrealistic this game is and sure to have a lot of fun with it. You and Newton Bill will go on a journey one can only describe by “the wildest”. While you driving up the mountain hills, struggling through caves, or floating on the moon, you’ll always encounter the most unimaginable way a car go and will never be bored at the game.

The control in this game is very simple. The “Gas” button on the right side of the screen is for acceleration. Meanwhile, the “Break” button is on the left side, combine these 2 to balance your vehicle, pull out insane stunts and go as far as you can.

You should also pay attention to the fuel tank, once it runs empty, you’ll have to retry the level. You can collect coins along the way to upgrade your vehicle or buy a new car or level, there are 8 to choose from.

Some outstanding features of the game

  • Many different vehicles with different upgrades
  • Various levels with many difficulties and the wildest physics.
  • Suitable for all devices
  • Doesn’t require Internet connection
  • Decent graphic with funny interactions
  • New turbo sound when you upgrade your engine
  • Share your score with friends to see who is at the top
Hill Climb Racing is perfect for any players who looking for a light yet crazy fun game to play on their phone. They can play it on the bus, while waiting at the bank,…It is no doubt that this game will give players a blast while playing it.

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