Get rid of stress with Kick the buddy game

In this busy life, people can easily become stressful at any time. There are many ways to relief including Kick the buddy – the game.

Smash all things with limitless weapons

You name it! There are many killer weapons in Kick the buddy. It includes rockets, automatic rifles, grenades, and even a nuclear bomb. Therefore, the player is able to make a decision to beat a completely unarmed and defenseless doll.
All your frustration will go away since you play the game by throwing or hit the rag doll with various choices of available weapons. The app allows players to release sever anger issues.

On the other hands, due to the violence of gameplay, the game is suitable for the ages of 11 and up. Parents need to take care of the children and give them proper guidance when they choose the game.

Combat any stress with ease

During playing the game, the player will be able to smash all the thing in the game to release his stress of the day. Besides, he never has to think about the depressive problems in his life.

It is easy to control game which is really great for everyone. Just when having bad issues, you can open the game and let your mind decide the way to destroy the doll.

Just like we do in reality, we tend to break and smash things to make us feel better, right? Then with Kick the buddy game, there is no more real damage to the furniture while we still feel satisfied.

Some cons of the app

As we said above, during the gameplay, the player chooses different types of weapons to hit or beat the doll. Therefore, the violent scene is inevitable, which is not appropriate for young children. Parents need to guide the kids to not play the game if they are not in the age of 11 and up.

Some players complain that there are a lot of ads while they are playing the game. That is quite annoying. The ads not only pop up on screen unexpectedly but also show in ad bars.

Last but not least, the player needs to pay to get more than half of the weapons. Otherwise, they have to watch numerous ads to unlock.

In short, the game is definitely a perfect choice for everyone who wants to smash everything. It provides different selections of virtual arsenal to beat. Download for free and enjoin the game right away.

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