Dancing Line - An interesting game to explore

Do you want to have a unique in-game experience like no other? Then Play Dancing Line to feel all of that! The game kicks off easily but before it, you can move on to the second level, you’re going to find the whole challenge climb up intensely. Besides, if you’ve ever played a rhythm game before, you must love this!

Animated worlds guide you through the levels 

The entire appearance of “Dancing Line” looks simple and clean. But more than, the in-game worlds make your own path much clearer even though the world in front of you keeps changing. Guess what, each block is going to build up or slam down, the paths tend to narrow or shown in a cool animated way.

This game strengthens your logical thinking and problem-solving skills;
Colorful and easy to use interface;
Free full-featured download.

Be careful since the weather effects will definitely get in your view once you tap to the melodies. Apparently, Cheetah games have done an excellent job in setting up such a sharp and clean world for you to discover.

A musical game with orchestral instruments 

Since Dancing Line is a musical game, then it’s pretty essential that the tunes must be well-composed. And it’s good to know all of these criteria can be met in such an amazing style. How come? The entire music feels catchy with many musical instruments placed in harmony.

It’s layered like that with the aim of conveying a feeling that matches well with the visuals. This kind of music you’ve been humming down the way, but it fits completely within the so-called aesthetic.

Dancing Line - Skill-focused game with different levels 

It’s a game concentrated much on the tapping skill, so you obviously need finish later levels. Luckily, once getting stuck on one particular level, feel free to skip around to test the skills on any particular of the four major levels.

Right from the level option display, you can view how further your progress becomes. But there won’t be any checkpoint, so you often need to begin from the start. There are all five various levels for you to play through as a whole even though the last one will ask you to pay if you want to play.

Besides, more levels are promised to arrive soon. You will get to experience the difficulty and length of every level and challenge. The game Dancing Line also supports achievements and other Google Play Game services to maintain your level completion once you move between two different devices.

Let’s toggle the graphical quality if you’d like to play on less powerful hardware. Do it in the settings menu, and feel free to turn off the sound for an authentic challenge.


There is no denying that playing with an eye-popping and completely educational game like Dancing Line is always the best way to improve your logical thinking skills in free time.

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