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Amazing spread of Clash of Clans

With its interesting aspects, Clash of Clans has climbed the top of many application rankings, and the biggest revenue position is probably the proof to its success. Only in 2013, Supercell - this game development studio grossed 892 million dollars in revenue, and this application "lays out" about 5.15 million dollars per day. A "terrible" number for any type of business. Clash of Clans is a tactical MMO game. With this game, you can build an empire on your own land, recruit soldiers and kill monsters or take troops to conquer lands of other players.

Bringing in the familiar elements of a strategy game, but with the combination of the features of an online game such as playing with friends, creating an alliance, bringing troops to invade, the developer created a very attractive game.

Many methods to play

Clash of Clans is a free game, and anyone can download it easily from the App Store or Play Store (recently supported Windows Phone). But you can shorten the hard times in the game by recharging special features.

This form is called "Freemium" and it is quite common in today's game applications. You will easily be tempted by the benefits of recharging before realizing how much money you have to spend on them.

The game ranks players based on their achievement scores. To get them, players will have to go to attack other territories, break the dense defenses, destroy the defense systems with computational drop-ups.

The variety of tactics makes Clash of Clans much larger than conventional occupation games. You have dozens of ways to hit the enemy and your home, all depending on your ability to calculate and build plans.

Graphics of the game is quite eye-catching. It is colorful vivid, explosive effects are also very well expressed. The game also supports display on retina screen to make images more vivid and sharp. The sound is also nothing to blame, with the excellent sound effects, the battles are very lively, along with medieval soundtracks.

Clash of Clans is one of the few highly rated tactical MMOs on iOS in recent times. It brings a lot of emotions in the fierce battles, with a large number of troops when allied with friends. What are you waiting for now? Download and invite your friends to join your alliance right now!

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