Block Puzzle Jewel: Fun, Chill and Addicting

Surely every gamers are familiar with the genre of drag and drop puzzle game, Block Puzzle Jewel. Let’s explore in further details! Block Puzzle Jewel is released by hua weiwei, the same developer and publisher that is popular for their drag and drop puzzle games. It is one of the most original and traditional games of the genre, and it is no doubt that people will have an enjoyable time playing it.

This game has drawn a lot of attention with more than 100 million downloads and now in the top 3 most popular free to play games. There is no doubt that this game has some very unique and interesting features

Gameplay overview

In Block Puzzle Jewel, your goal is very clear and simple: to drop blocks of jewels so as to create a full line of jewel horizontally or vertically and destroy them. Let’s fill up the grid of the screen and don’t let the blocks fill up the whole screen. If they do, it’s game over for you.

There are no complicated controls in this game, just simply drag and drop to move the jewel pieces and fit them in a row or column. Even the gameplay is simple, it is very fun and addictive.

Watching a block get destroyed and prevent them from filling up the screen is oddly satisfying and can keep you playing for hours. This game is very easily accessible because it is free to play and does not require internet connection.

The colorful design and unique graphic design is a strong point of this game, this keep the players interested with the classical gameplay and the modern image quality. Moreover, Block Puzzle Jewel is a great game to train your intelligence. In a mean that it is a brain game, playing it can also help developing your quick thinking power and keep you mentally fit. That is why this game is very suitable and pleasurable for all ages

Some features of the game

  • Easy controls: Drag and drop jewel pieces to move and place them 
  • Blocks can’t be rotated
  • No time limits
  • Challenging jigsaw puzzle making your brain more healthy
  • Game will be over if the blocks fill the whole screen
  • Free to play and doesn’t require WIFI
  • Can be played with friends and family
Block Puzzle Jewel is the top 3 most popular free to play game on the Play Store. It’s a unique, interesting game that will sure to give you an enjoyable time playing. If you like fun, chill while also challenging games, we suggest you give this game a try!

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