Become the best gangster in Vegas Crime Simulator

If you love open- world, roaming the city being a gangster type of games like Saint Rows or the famous GTA series, then you’ll love Vegas Crime Simulator, a mobile version of GTA.

Vegas Crime Simulator is the 3D simulation, open- map adventure game, similar to the famous game series GTA on PC. It was published by Naxeex LLC, just like the GTA franchise, but you can play it on your phone, which is much more convenient.


Vegas Crime Simulator uses 3 dimensional technology for its image quality, result in the in- depth graphical details from the environments to the characters, making the map in the game extremely realistic and very interesting to just explore the city.

The creator also paid a lot of attention on the between the characters’ movements and their interactions with the surrounding environment. They also care for the details in term of physical collision and their NPC ( Non- player Characters ).

The graphical details of this game can truly give players the freedom feelings and all the experience of the GTA series on their mobile phone.

Gameplay and features

In Vegas Crime Simulator, your objective is very simple: to become the crime lord of Las Vegas. In game, you’ll be playing as a man with dark jean and flowery blue shirt, resembling to Tommy Vercetti in GTA: Vice City.

This is not Tommy however, but with a figure similarly to him, you only have 1 mission: to be the super villain of Vegas city.

Many exciting and thrilling elements of GTA exist in this game, you can find all of GTA’s features such as stealing a car, running from police, and killing your way to the top of the criminality hotspot in Vegas.

You’ll be going through various missions with deep plots, exploring the story line, or you might just want to roam the street, fighting random people and explore new areas and claiming territories,…

Some new features of this game:

  • A wide variety of weapons 
  • New costumes
  • New events release monthly
  • Constantly upgrading gameplay and story
Vegas Crime Simulator is the perfect game for players that have an interesting in roaming freely in an open- world map. Let’s enjoy the feeling of doing whatever they can. If you love all that experience on a PC, you will sure love this smaller version on your mobile phone!

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