Zombie Tsunami: “Zombieland” in the game world

Are you afraid of scary carnivorous zombies? However, in this game, you will transform into zombies and bite normal people. It sounds a bit paradoxical but very interesting, right?

Overview of the game:

Zombie Tsunami is a popular game which belongs to the ‘’Endless Running’’ genre and produced by Mobigame on May 31, 2012. The game can be used on Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows Phone platforms.

The player begins the adventure with a single zombie. After a period of playing and earning enough money, players can upgrade to 2 or even five zombies to increase their chances of eating more people as soon as they enter the race without stopping.

These zombies will bite civilians and turn them into their teammates on this massacre. The more zombie forces you have, the more chances you have to receive gold coins and push the cars containing many people at once. Besides, players also have the chance to run longer.

To move, players just need to click on any point on the screen to jump over obstacles as well as deep holes. They are also a way to get more gold or items in the journey.

In-game features:

There are 8 aids to transform into different types of zombies. Each type has its own skills and abilities, but they are only valid for 20 seconds.

1. GiantZ (Giant Zombie): Giantz has the great destructive power and wide damage potential. GiantZ uses the main weapon of laser guns through the eyes.

2. Ninja: Ninja is capable of cutting off vehicles by Kanata and slashing bombs by darts (only when players upgrade). He can jump twice.

3. Gold: They are gold-wrapped zombies which can turn everything into gold.

4. Quarterback: It is an "immune" zombie with bombs and different obstacles on the road, except for pits.

5. Dragon: Press and hold to fly high, release your hand and press again to create jumps for the dragon.

6. Balloon (balloons): It will help zombies hovering in the air by pressing or pressing and holding on the screen.

7. U.F.O: It has the ability of copying zombies and helping you preserve your forces.

8. Tsunami: Players simply press the screen repeatedly to make waves rise and destroy everything.

In general, Zombie Tsunami belongs to the popular game genre which is endless running. Therefore, players will feel very easy to experience the great features of the game. Enjoy the game and share with us your thoughts!

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