Subway Surfers: The Top Endless Running Game

You are a person who likes perseverance and doesn't accept limits. You hate policemen who always bully and intimidate children? Run away when you can with Subway Surfer.

Overview of the game:

Subway Surfers is a "non-stop running" game co-produced by Kiloo and SYBO Games. The game can be downloaded on Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows 10 Mobile platforms. The player plays the role of naughty teenagers who are being chased by spraying graffiti on the train and running around the tracks to escape the inspector and his dog.

When the character runs, they have to skillfully overcome obstacles and collect scattered coins on the tracks. Special items such as Mysterious Box, Key and Weekly Hunting Event item can help players win high prizes when playing.

Players collect coins and special items while playing. Characters can pass tram and other obstacles by jumping up (swiping up), rolling (swiping down) and moving through the remaining two rails (swiping to 2 sides). The game only ends when the character stumbles and gets caught by the inspector or hits the obstacles.

Subway Surfers allows players to use aids such as magnets, jetpacks, double points, high jump shoes and skateboards
  • Magnets: Players can pick them up on while running, there is a power to suck coins around the character. The usage time is 10 seconds, the player can increase the time used for the magnet in the store (Up to 30 seconds).
  • Jet bags: Help the character fly high and collect coins. Jet bags emit multicolor smoke from two rear tubes and have a usage time of 10 seconds (Up to 30 seconds).
  • Duplicate points: Help players double the score for 10 seconds (Up to 30 seconds)
  • High jump shoes: The character can jump 2 times higher than normal for 10 seconds (Up to 30 seconds similar to the above items).
  • Skateboards: help protect characters from tripping, hitting obstacles or getting caught for 30 seconds and does not need to upgrade the usage time. Players can buy with 300 cents for the use of a skateboard or open in the Mystery Box. Players press twice on the screen to use the skateboards.


  • Moving train with a seasoned crew!
  • Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
  • Surfing with Hoverboard!
  • Jet engines with multicolor paints!
  • Acrobatic fast like lightning!
Currently, Subway Surfers has become very popular due to the features that bring a pleasant experience to users. Please enjoy the game and share your feelings with us!

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