Garena Free Fire: An engaging survival game

Garena, one of Indonesia’s biggest publishers, has made a huge success with Garena Free Fire, a game of the most popular genre recently: battle royale. 

Garena Free Fire is now the most popular mobile game when it comes to survival gameplay. The game is also constantly updated and most important of all, it’s free to play and playable on almost every devices and operating systems.

Beautiful Graphic

To many players, graphic is absolute vital to a video game, and Garena Free Fire did not disappoint them, in term of graphic, they have optimized the game. Therefore, it suits mid to low- spec phones, which Southeast Asian players often use to play, but this doesn’t mean that the graphic is bad.

In fact, Garena Free Fire has a rather realistic environment, very detailed characters and weapons that attract every gamers.

Having the graphic suitable for low spec phones while also care for every detail, the gameplay is very smooth and easy to control, bringing players the best surviving experience.

Attractive Gameplay 

Garena Free Fire is not different from other battle royale games, you’ll be thrown out of an airplane to land on an island with 49 other people. This game will last about 10 minutes, your objective is very clear: wipe out every survival and be the last one standing.

After landing on an island, you’ll have to find yourself some weapons and armors, med kit to protect yourself as well as killing other players to loot their bodies. You also have to mind “the zone”, if you leave the zone, you’ll be bombarded and instantly lose. You can play alone or create a team with some of your friends and fight your way to victory together.

Easy to control

There are many controls to learn in this game since there are different mechanics such as loot, attack, duck or lie down. However, they are very clearly displayed and players can master them easily in about 4-5 games.

Garena also constantly keep their games updated and have specific events in games for some special holidays. Updating the new map, adding new weapons, new game mode can keep Garena Free Fire always fresh and never fail to excite the players.

Final sayings,

Garena Free Fire is a great mobile hit on the battle royale genre, if you love fighting your way to the top, finding out every way to survive, test your skills against players from all around the globe, then this is the perfect game for you!

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